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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ's to see the answers to popular questions that we are asked

Which service do I need?

Each of our individual service and combined package pages explain in detail what each is for and how they work. While we try simplifying our services as much as possible, we realise some terms can seem confusing – especially if you are just starting out.
Our friendly and knowledgeable team at The London Office are happy to help walk you through the order process and answer any questions or queries you have about any of our services.

What ID do I need to provide and where do I upload it?

You are required to supply proof of your ID (passport, driving licence photocard, government-issued ID card, HM Forces ID card, valid Student card, employment ID card, disabled driver blue badge) and proof of address (utility bill, bank statement, mortgage statement, HMRC Notice of Coding) within seven days.
You will be shown where to upload your ID once your order is complete.

How soon can I start using my virtual office address?

As soon as your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents are submitted and verified, you're good to go!

Unsure which service you need?

What type of mail do you need to receive?

Official mail is what limited companies receive from Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs but can also include mail from HM Courts & Tribunals and the Intellectual Property Office.

Official mail only

Business mail is any mail sent to your company not from a government body. This is usually mail from banks but also includes mail from clients and suppliers, etc.

Business mail only

Official & Business mail

You need to buy

Registered Office Address

Registered Office Address
Director Service Address

Virtual Business Address

Virtual Business Address
Telephone Answering Service

Virtual Business Plus

Virtual Business Plus
Telephone Answering Service

Virtual Business Plus
Legal Document Pack

What is a Postal Deposit?

For all services that include receiving business mail, we require a £20 postal deposit to cover the cost of forwarding your business mail on to you.

When you opt for mail forwarding, your business mail is charged at £0.50p per letter (plus the cost of forwarding)

Once your postal deposit runs out, you are required to top it up. We send you a reminder when your postal deposit falls below £5.00

Answers to your Meeting Room questions

Where are your meeting rooms for hire? How do I book? What are your prices? What time are your meeting rooms available? What is your cancellation policy?

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