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5 benefits of our affordable Telephone Answering Service

Jan 25th 2022


Using an affordable Telephone Answering Service, like the one provided by MYCO Works makes a lot of sense, especially for small businesses on tight budgets. Because you leapfrog the expense of hiring your own staff to man your phone lines, including the overheads associated with managing your own office, IT and telephone equipment, using our affordable Telephone Answering Service means you will benefit financially in more way than one. Read on to discover all the ways in which our Telephone Answering Service will benefit your business.

1. Your Own Personal Receptionist

Hiring a full-time Receptionist for your business – especially if you’re a small company – is a huge cost. Add to the cost of a salary the recruitment process of finding a suitable Receptionist and your time and budget are already stretched. With our affordable Telephone Answering Service, you can enjoy the benefits of having your very own Receptionist without having to go through the motions of employing one.

Our warm, friendly and professional staff will answer your calls promptly in your company name so your business continues to present a professional image to your clients and suppliers. Our team of support staff are trained to present themselves as part of your company and not as a call centre operator, ensuring you stay connected to your clients and guaranteeing you never miss another call or opportunity.

2. A Professional Image for Your Business

Customers are crucial to every business, so if your business is to thrive then providing a high level of quality customer service is key. This begins with the very first impression your customers receive from your business.

Instead of having their call answered by a busy (and perhaps stressed) business owner, our affordable Telephone Answering Service ensures their call is answered promptly by a friendly, courteous, highly-trained professional virtual Receptionist greeting them in your company name.

Your customers will create an immediate great first impression of your business and be sure you’re a professional company that takes business seriously. Callers will have no idea of the actual size of your business and make their own mind up from their phone call.

Having your calls answered promptly and politely by professional staff makes sure you never miss a call, message or opportunity again – no matter how busy your day is!

3. Be Ready for Business On Day One

By using our affordable Telephone Answering Service, you don’t need to spend time training staff so you can start business from the first day you form your limited company! You can hit the ground running with our virtual Receptionist staff and ensure you provide a professional service to your clients from day one without having to invest any time training any staff.

4. Free Up Your Time

Being available to take calls is an essential part of running any business, but being able to focus and concentrate without interruption is even more important. Many business owners often wish there were more hours in the day to focus their time and energy on running their business efficiently without the phone ringing every five minutes.

By using our affordable Telephone Answering Service, you’ll be able to unchain yourself from your phone and focus productively on tasks that need to take priority. Our friendly and professional staff can answer your calls in your company name and relay all messages to you instantly via email or our MYCO app.

5. No More Cold Callers!

There is nothing more annoying for a busy business owner than having their concentration and productivity constantly interrupted by cold callers. More than 9 times out of 10, whatever they’re offering will be of no interest to you; by using our affordable Telephone Answering Service, you’ll never have to deal with a cold caller again!

Our telephone staff screen every incoming call and won’t let cold callers ever get through and our screening process ensures only business enquiries or genuinely important or relevant messages are passed on to you.

Discover Our Telephone Answering Service for Small Businesses

Key Features

• Calls answered by a real person in your company name

• Unlimited calls and messages (call forwarding coming soon)

• Includes a dedicated London, Edinburgh or Ipswich phone number

• Messages uploaded to your account and sent via email or our MYCO App

How it Works

• Create an account in moments

• Receive your new telephone number within 1 hour

• Give out your new number or use it to divert calls

• All messages are sent to you straight away and logged


• 1 Year Service – £199.99 Plus VAT

If you have any questions or would like some more information about our Telephone Answering Service, speak to one of our friendly team today on 0207 112 5367, email contact@mycoworks.co.uk or click here for live chat.


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